Maurice Amado Research Grant in Sephardic Studies
Max Daniel (History) will complete a chapter of his dissertation exploring the intersections of race, geography, and community for Sephardic Jews in mid-twentieth century Los Angeles.
Rebecca Glasberg (European Languages and Transcultural Studies) will conduct research on Algerian author Kateb Yacine’s novel Nedjima (1956) to examine the significance of the titular character’s Jewish background.
Simone Salmon (Ethnomusicology) will conduct fieldwork with musicians in Istanbul, Izmir, and Edime, Turkey.
Rachel Smith (History) will conduct research related to her dissertation, “Sephardic Ethnography in the Late Ottoman World.”

Bluma Appel Research Travel Grants
Erdem Itler (History) will conduct research related to his dissertation exploring the Ottoman Imperial Legacy on Turkish Nation Building.

Dr. Sigmund and Hermine Frey Scholarship(Undergraduate)
Tegan Roberts (Anthropology) will attend the Uriel Weinreich Summer Program in Yiddish at YIVO Institute for Jewish Research as part of her current research on the experiences of Yiddish learners and remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alan D. Leve Research and Travel Grants for Student Excellence
Yair Agmon (Information Studies) will conduct research on how Jewish settlers use cultural memory to provide legitimacy to the displacement and eviction of Palestinians from their homes and homeland.
Avery Weinman (History) completed a seven-week intensive Hebrew immersion program at Middlebury College.

Perlmutter Family Scholarships for Jewish History, Holocaust Studies, and Archaeology 
Brian Donnelly-Lewis (NELC) will conduct research related to his dissertation, “The Khirbet Qeiyafa Ostracon: A New Collation and Translation on the Basis of Multispectral Images.”
Sharon Zelnick (Comparative Literature) will conduct research related to her dissertation, “Migratory Reimaginations: Postmemorial Work of Israeli Migrants to Germany.”

Michael and Irene Ross Fellows
Anna Bonazzi (European Languages and Transcultural Studies)
Andreas-Benjamin Seyfert (European Languages and Transcultural Studies)

Sara and Chaskel Roter Research Grants
Rachel Kaufman (History) will be studying Hebrew to support her research on crypto-Jewish and Sephardic history.
Rachel Smith (History), Jessie Stoolman(Anthropology), and Maxwell Greenberg(Chicana/o and Central American Studies) collaborated for a five-day writing and peer-review workshop on processes of inter/intra Jewish racial formations in May, 2021.

Zinn Memorial Scholarship for Holocaust Studies and Social Justice
Kyle Rosen (European Languages and Transcultural Studies) will complete his dissertation, “The Speculative Lyric After the Holocaust: Paul Celan, Ethical Solicitude, and the German-Jewish Poetic Past”