This seminar will focus on the project that Larsson leads at Lund University in the framework of a Memory Studies research program. Entitled, “The Memory of Vanished Population Groups in Today’s Eastern and Central European Urban Environments: Memory Treatment and Urban Planning in Lviv, Cernivci, Chisinau, and Wroclaw,” the project is jointly funded by the Lund University Center for European Studies and the Tercentenary Foundation of the Swedish National Bank.

About the Speaker: Bo Larsson is an architect and associate professor (docent) of urban planning at Lund University in Sweden where he leads a research project at the Center for European Studies devoted to the memory of vanished population groups in today’s East- and Central European urban environments, “Memory treatment and urban planning in Lviv, Černivci, ChiČinČu and Wrocław.” He has been a lecturer at the School of Architecture in Copenhagen and has also worked for the European Commission.