This panel discussion will explore the broader implications of Prof. Carol Bakhos’ recent book, The Family of Abraham: Jewish, Christian, Muslim Interpretations (Harvard University Press, 2014). The term “Abrahamic religions” has gained considerable currency in both scholarly and ecumenical circles as a way of referring to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Bakhos steps back from this convention to ask a frequently overlooked question: What, in fact, is Abrahamic about these three faiths? Exploring diverse stories and interpretations relating to the portrayal of Abraham, she reveals how he is venerated in these different scriptural traditions and how scriptural narratives have been pressed into service for nonreligious purposes.


Carol Bakhos

Book Launch 

Carol Bakhos is Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Culture at UCLA and Director,Center for the Study of Religion and Chair of the Study of Religion Interdisciplinary Program. She is the author of Ishmael on the Border: Rabbinic Portrayals of the First Arab (SUNY Press, 2006) among other publications, and holds a MTS from Harvard and a Ph.D. from the Jewish Theological Seminary.

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