The answer to this question, surprisingly, is not an automatic “yes.” This presentation will examine the origins of this designation, which assumes a hierarchical male-dominated structure for Israelite society. Recent research using archaeological and ethnographic data in addition to biblical texts challenges the patriarchal-hierarchical model and proposes another one that may be more appropriate for the complexities of Israelite society.


Carol Meyers


Bible and Its Interpreters Seminar Series


Carol Meyers (at Duke since 1977) was educated at Wellesley and at Brandeis, where she received her Ph.D. (1975) in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. She holds the Mary Grace Wilson Professorship in Religion and is an affiliated faculty member of Duke’s Women’s Studies Program. A specialist in biblical studies and archaeology, she is a prominent scholar in the study of women in the biblical world. Meyers has authored or co-authored eleven books and has edited or co-edited five others. In collaboration with Dr. Eric Meyers, she translated and wrote the introduction and commentary to Haggai-Zechariah 1-8 and Zechariah 9-14 for Doubleday’s Anchor Bible series. Also with E. Meyers, she has published three major archaeological reports and is working on several more. Her book Discovering Eve is a landmark study of women in ancient Israel; and her reference book, Women in Scripture, is the most comprehensive study ever made of women in Jewish and Christian scriptures. Meyers is president-elect of the Society of Biblical Literature, serves as a trustee of the American Schools of Oriental Research and of the Albright Institute of Archaeological Research and on the board of directors of the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation.


Moderator: William Schniedewind

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