Folksongs of modernity: is it an oxymoron? If tradition is all that preceded modernity and folksongs a characteristic feature of traditional societies, then how are folksongs still among us and why? Seroussi suggests that modern touristic excursions, pilgrimages and edifying fieldtrips to ruins’ sites are experiences analogous to the performance and modern consumption of folksongs. The sonic excursion, substitutes the spatial-visual experience of the tour for the museum or ruins’ park. “Modern” folksongs from the Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) repertoire will buttress these theoretical postulates.

Edwin Seroussi

(The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Edwin Seroussi is the Emanuel Alexandre Professor of Musicology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Director of the Jewish Music Research Centre. He has published extensively on North African and Eastern Mediterranean Jewish musical traditions, on Judeo-Islamic relations in music and on Israeli popular music. He founded Yuval Music Series and is editor of the acclaimed CD series Anthology of Music Traditions in Israel.


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