‘I’m Right, You Don’t Agree, So You Must Be Wrong’:Grounds for Pluralism in the Jewish and American Communities

Rabbi Elliot Dorff

(American Jewish University)

The Leve Center honors Rabbi Elliot Dorff as the first recipient of the biennial Leve Award that recognizes and celebrates the contribution made by a person whose ideas, values, and accomplishments have had a positive impact on the world, our community, and our humanity.

Rabbi Dorff was selected as the inaugural recipient of this new award, in honor of the work he has done to build bridges between and beyond the Jewish community. Rabbi Elliot Dorff, Ph.D. is Rector and Sol & Anne Dorff Distinguished Service Professor in Philosophy at American Jewish University, as well as a Visiting Professor of Law at UCLA School of Law.

Rabbi Dorff is also a community leader, serving as a member of the Board of Jewish Family Service, and a member of the Board of the Los Angeles Jewish Federation Council, co-chairing its task force on Serving the Vulnerable. Since the 1980s he has been a member of the Ethics Committees of UCLA Medical Center and the Jewish Homes for the Aging.

(L-R) Dean David Schaberg, Alan D. Leve, Rabbi Elliot Dorff, and Professor Todd S. Presner