In adapting the foods of Eastern European countries to rules of kashruth, Jews developed one of the earliest fusion cuisines.Their iconic dishes are rich in memories and sustain both body and soul.


Legendary food writer Mimi Sheraton is a lifelong New Yorker, who has written for nearly every publication that deals with food. She was the restaurant critic for the New York Times from 1976 until 1984, and for five years before joining the Times, contributed to the original New York Magazine, under Editor Clay Felker. It was then that she wrote her first big story, “I Tasted Everything in Bloomingdale’s Food Department,” reporting on 1,196 products.


Sheraton has written 16 books. In a bittersweet mix of humor and pathos, The Bialy Easters tells of the once vibrant culture of the Polish Jews of Bialystock and the bread that was their sustenance. The Whole World Loves Chicken Soup won both the IACP and James Beard awards. Her latest book is a memoir called Eating My Words: an Appetite for Life, which now is in paperback. Her 1965 book, The German Cookbook, is still in print.