I’m Eric Sheslow, also known as Shez. A few years ago, I started ShezGlyphs, a history-based cartooning project, inspired by the research and writing of my in-progress graphic novel. When I graduated from my LAUSD high school in 2003, I swore I’d leave the cursed Valley, and never return! I did—for a while—but I’m back, and despite what my teenage self believed, things aren’t so bad. I currently live in Burbank with my wife, Bethany, and our infant daughter, Hazel.

My hope is that the art I create will encourage people to learn more about the history of the incredible city of Los Angeles, and to take inspiration and hope from the past in order to build a better future for all.

My artistic influences include Mayan petroglyphs, Moche fineline pottery, Albrecht Durer, Raphael, John Tenniel, Caran D’Ache, Albert Levering, George Herrimann, Buster Keaton, Frederick Opper, Rose O’Neill, Reginald Marsh, Dorthea Lange, Herge, Jack Kirby, Heinz Edelmann, Art Spiegelman, Joost Swarte, Stanislas,Trina Robbins, Mad Magazine, Mike Mignola, and the mask art of Papua New Guinea. I have been inspired by some of my art teachers; including Jordu Schell, Will Weston, and Mark McDonnel.

In this newsletter, I have analogized 2020’s topsy turvy world with the weird and sometimes nightmarish worlds of Lewis Carroll. Alice is reconfigured as an academic instructor who finds herself in a disorienting and uncanny time and place. While I rendered the images in the pen and ink style of John Tenniel’s Alice illustrations, I chose to design new characters and redesign the old ones.

The two page illustration, “View from the Janss Steps,” parodies Saul Steinberg’s famous New Yorker cover, “View from 9th Avenue,” and stays true to the origninal’s style and color sense. I included more “local” landmarks than Steinberg, as L.A. is geographically more vast than New York.

I am available for commissions, illustration, and character design needs. Additionally, if you find yourself enjoying my art, you can become a ShezGlyphs patron on my Patreon, starting at just $1 per month. Each patron tier features unique benefits and giveaways for your kind support. Independent art cannot happen without you, so anything helps! Fans can also find me on Instagram, and can shop for ShezGlyphs merch on my Etsy store.


Contact me at: ericsheslow@gmail.com